The Carter Odyssey

VR project by Matthew Chaplin

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design
  • Virtual reality
  • User interface design

About the project

A VR educational escape room in the setting of ancient Egypt, to feature inside The Great North Museum as an interactive exhibit.


For the final project, students can continue their projects from the first personal project, in which case students will have to resolve their design decisions from semester 1 or to engage a new design problem.
The subject material for this project is self-determined but the module will embrace; visual and verbal preparation of design proposals, research and investigation; assessment of goals, audience, content and design requirements; prototype development and evaluation.

Development process

The process began by moving the creation of my augmented reality museum companion. Taking the concept of this idea and moving it into the next advancement in technology; VR, was something that could work really well with the concept.

Speaking to the head curator of a large museum in Newcastle on the concept of a VR addition to a museum.

When prototyping the concept that I had brought on, I had initially created a concept on walking around the ancient Egyptian desert but when in practice and prototyping it was clear that the scope was incredibly large and had to be reeled in.

Moving it into the theme of an escape room helped the development massively due to the nature of a large number of interactions in the setting of an escape room. Then moving into Unity to create and prototype my series of interactions, to then create levels depending on certain types of interaction. As VR is a very solo experience, I planned to make puzzles based around working in a team while keeping the player immersed as possible.

The Carter Odyssey process imageThe Carter Odyssey process imageThe Carter Odyssey process imageThe Carter Odyssey process imageThe Carter Odyssey process image

Final result

The final result of my development is a VR educational escape room themed in ancient Egypt. The creation of this has been incredibly interesting and has really developed me as a designer. Developing for the public and the end user had created a challenge for me that I feel like I had solved.

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  • The Carter Odyssey result image
  • The Carter Odyssey result image