Atom Bank live project hero image

Atom Bank live project

App project by Nathan Chan

    Scope of work:

  • User experience design

About the project

We worked with atom bank in Durham on a live project. They set us a brief and we were able to be create on deciding the outcome.


The brief was to create an additional product for atom bank to attract students to their business.

Our task was to then create a service which would be offered by atom to attract students to sign up.

Development process

We started the brief by looking into different student incentives that were already out on the market. We came across hundreds of different student packages.

As a team we looked at the ones which stood out the most and analysed them in detail.

We decided on one thing which was that students like to spend money, this then grew into an idea of having a service which would offer students incentives when they spent money. We came up with ‘student perks by atom bank’.

This was a subscription service where students would sign up to receive exclusive discounts in certain business. Once they redeem their discount they would also receive ‘perk points’ on their student perks account. Users can save up ‘perk points’ and redeem for instant cash.

Final result

Our final result was a visually developed app and a prototype. The overall project was a success and i believe we solved the problem by creating an attractive product for students to sign up to.

  • Atom Bank live project result image
  • Atom Bank live project result image
  • Atom Bank live project result image