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Sage One live project

App project by Nathan Chan

    Scope of work:

  • Application design

About the project

As part of one of our modules, we worked with Sage One for a live brief. The project was a collaborative project, i worked with Bradley Smith to create our project.

We created a payroll app that Sage One could potentially use for their employees in their business.


The brief informed us that we had to create a new system to manage a businesses payroll for its employees. We wanted to create a sleek and clean looking application for the business and employees to use.

Development process

We started the project by researching into existing payroll applications by noting down pros and cons. We then began decided what content we wanted to include within the app.

After the content was decided, we moved onto the visuals and started designing how the app would look on screen.

We ensured the app included important information that the employees would want to see such as scheduled shifts and payslips.

Final result

Our finished project consisted of a mobile app with a prototype as well as a desktop app with a prototype. We believe we tackled the problem of businesses finding it hard to manage a large amount of employees payroll data.

We created an app for the business manager to use as well as an employee app. The business manager would be able to access information about all employees such as personal information as well as scheduled shifts and payroll.

The employee app was more like an employee portal which consisted of all the information they wanted to see such as shifts, payroll and extra hours.

  • Sage One live project result image
  • Sage One live project result image
  • Sage One live project result image