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Hybrid project by Sarrah Mohammed and Emily Wilkinson

    Scope of work:

  • Brand identity
  • Voice recognition
  • Communication concept

About the project

The ‘smart personal assistant’ that knows your social and academic schedule, rearranging tasks based on your location for a better nights sleep.


A live brief from the RSA Student Design Awards, in pairs of two, our task was to design a product, service or system to improve health an wellbeing by encouraging and/or enabling a better nights sleep.

Using our own experiences as students, with the tend of studying late at night, or even all nighters, we found a pattern that not getting enough sleep at night can effect our mental wellbeing and performance. We found that 82% of students suffer from stress and anxiety and 45% of students have suffered from depression.

Dayze brief imageDayze brief image

Development process

We both conducted primary research by keeping a sleep diary for two weeks to analyse our bedtime routines. It was highlighted that social events and viewing electronics before bed were a key factors that affected our sleeping and waking times. Furthermore, we also conducted interviews on other students who said they would become stressed due to assignments last minute. This would result in late nights, or even ‘all nighters’.

Outlining a relationship between stress, sleep and productivity we stated that when you are less stressed, you sleep better which makes you more productive. We aimed to create a personal assistant that will manage your tasks effectively but accounts for any social or other personal events you may have.

Dayze process imageDayze process image

Final result

We created an application where the user inputs their deadlines and social events, Dayze introduces a schedule and acts like a personal assistant. The user must log in when they are starting a task, then the app will suggest and appropriate ‘break’. While you sleep the app monitors your breathing and bodily patterns, displaying your sleep quality the next day.

A physical personal assistant, known as ‘Dayzie’ was also created which stays at home to manage your schedule. She adds or changes tasks through voice recognition. Dayzie’s focus is to promote meditation at night or morning without the need for mobile devices.